Chris Jordan(non-registered)
Film maker here from USA. LOVE your work, and your story. When an image actually keeps you from breathing for a moment, you know you've seen something special, and through the soul of the artist. Thank you for your work, and conviction. Would love to chat with you soon.
ANNA GRETTA(non-registered)
Dear Lars,
So, today I discovered your work, so sad that it took me this long to find you. You are so gifted, with a wonderful eye for the surreal. My husband and I would love to learn from you Lars, preferably when it is warmer in the Netherlands = 0 ). I hope you don't mind me sharing your work on every single social network I belong to ? Your photos move my soul, they really do. You have transported me today with your images. Thank you !
Sandra De Prada(non-registered)
Grazie Lars Van De Goor per il tuo alucinante lavoro photográfico.
Grazie per riempire sempre i miei sensi con le tue fantastique fotografíe, que in piú ad essere bellisime, portano tanta magía.
Complementi sei molto sensibile!!!!
Elroy Spelbos(non-registered)
Prachtige en vooral hele sfeervolle foto's! De website is ook super! Gefeliciteerd met je nominaties, ik heb op jouw foto gestemd. Grt Elroy Spelbos
Scott Lewis(non-registered)
You inspire me to get better, thank you.
Alex Saunders(non-registered)
Beautiful images, you are a highly skilled photographer
Martha Lee(non-registered)
I want to be inside your pictures. Just beautiful.
Diane Girard(non-registered)
You encapture the feeling of flora and fauna life for me!
Mia Rodrigaz(non-registered)
It is just so amazing to see how much improved things have become now. The color tone and the whole way by which frames set are very different from what we have seen in the recent times. I hope it would be even more vivid than ever before in the coming years too.

Guy Tribo(non-registered)
Absolutely spectacular...inspirational.
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